Don’t Goof Around!


Use English in your favor!

Hello everyone! How are you doing?
Let´s learn how to capitalize nouns in any kind of writing, it can be an e-mail, a composition, a letter or even posts on your facebook or what´s app. (don´t think that just because you are talking to a friend you can make mistakes ! )
Today´s lesson is about How to capitalize nouns.
First of all we need to remember what is a noun
It is a word that names a person, place, thing, idea or quality.
So When do you have to capitalize ?
Below are some examples:
• Names of specific people (ex: the Stevens family, John, Mary),
• Days of the week, months, and holidays, but not seasons (ex: Monday, June, Easter),
• Ranks and titles, but only when used right before a particular person´s name (ex: Doctor Smith, Aunt Anne, General Bradshaw),
• Geographic areas: cities, states, countries, rivers, oceans, streets, parks, etc. (ex: North Dakota, Ohio River, Atlantic Ocean, Central Park),
• Historical periods (ex: World War II, the Middle Ages, the Civil War),
• Religions, nationalities, and races of people (ex: Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Asians, Africans)
• Languages, countries, and adjetives related to those countries (ex: Danish art, Germany, German Exchange student)
• The various names for God and the names of sacred books (ex: God, Jeovah, Allah, the Bible, the Koran)
• Specific school courses, but not general subjects (ex: Algebra 101, History of China, No Caps just algebra or history),
• Names of specific schools, businesses, buildings, organizations, etc.(ex: Apple Computer, Phillips Middle School, the University of Vermont),
• Names of planets, but not Sun and moon,
• Names of specific teams and clubs and their members (ex: the Atlanta Braves, Republicans)
• Titles of movies, books, chapters, and articles (ex: Harry Potter and Sorcerer´s Stone, “Tar Heels Beat Duke 102-96”)

Some students get Carried Away with Caps. They seem to think that every Word they capitalize suddenly becomes Exciting or Important. Don´t fall into the Cap Trap. CRAZY CAPS make your work look Very, Very Bad.