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Don’t Goof Around – FOMO

Postado em Janeiro 16, 2018 em Blog | 0 comentários

Hello everybody!! New Year beginning so it’s time to start learning new things! Here is one brand new expression for you.   Summary Rob’s off to a rock concert and Feifei’s not been invited. She’s not happy, especially because she thinks she’s got ‘FOMO’. Find out what this means and if FOMO is an illness of the body or the mind. But don’t worry, Feifei’s FOMO won’t last...

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Don’t Goof Around – To shout it from the rooftops

Postado em dezembro 4, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

There’s been a long time that we don’t have a new expression. Shall we? Summary If you’ve got some good news, what’s the best way to tell people? Feifei’s about to find out a phrase that describes how people used to spread information before modern technology. And it involves shouting! Find out what this phrase is in...

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Don’t Goof Around – It Beats Me

Postado em outubro 10, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

Hey people!! How are things going this month? Well, Trust wants you to have a vocabulary full of expressions to you. Here is another one that you can use. Summary Why does Feifei keep hitting Rob? There could be some confusion about the meaning of today’s authentic English phrase. Find out what Rob really means when he says ‘it beats me’. Transcript Feifei Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I’m...

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Don’t Goof Around – Pot Luck

Postado em setembro 20, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

What’s up, guys? Another new expression is right here waiting for you. Let’s find out its meaning?   Summary When you haven’t chosen a piece of authentic English to explain what do you do? Listen to this programme and see if there’s a phrase about taking a chance and hoping things will turn out OK. Transcript Feifei Hello and...

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Don’t Goof Around – Snowflake

Postado em agosto 3, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

Hi everyone… How are things going?  Summary Neil thinks Feifei’s a snowflake but it’s not a compliment. In The English We Speak, learn a very modern use of an old word which refers to people who get upset if you challenge their opinions. Transcript Neil …Hello and welcome to The English We Speak, I’m Neil. (conspiratorially)...

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Don’t Goof Around – No Great Shakes

Postado em julho 5, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

Hey everyone!!!! How are you all? How is your English practice going? Here is a post to help you improve your English. Summary Rob’s not impressed with a new cafe that’s opened near the office. Feifei thinks he’s just not happy with the quality of the milkshakes but as you’ll hear, there’s something else about the place...

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Don’t Goof Around – It won’t wash

Postado em Maio 5, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

Here we are with a new and fresh idiom! Have fun!   Summary When an idea is unconvincing and won’t work, why do you need washing powder?! The answer is you don’t – but there is a washing-related phrase you can use. But Feifei has still brought some to the studio for this programme. Will she need it? Listen to The English We Speak to find...

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Don’t Goof Around – Brass Neck

Postado em Março 9, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

How are you??  Here we are once more with an amazing expression for us to explore. Let’s see what this one means… Summary If you have a neck made of brass how does it make you behave? Feifei discovers an expression about being confident that shouldn’t be taken literally! Transcript Feifei Hello I’m Feifei and this is The English...

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