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Don’t Goof Around! – You’re pulling my leg!

Postado em junho 9, 2016 em Blog | 0 comentários

Hey everyone!!! How are you doing??? Let’s learn something new today!! Summary Feifei claims she has walked up Mount Everest… But Rob is suspicious and accuses her of pulling his leg. How is Rob’s leg related to her amazing achievement? Is Feifei really telling the truth? All is revealed in this episode of The English We Speak. Transcript Feifei Hello and...

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Don’t Goof Around! – “Thingy”

Postado em abril 25, 2016 em Blog | 0 comentários

Hello everyone!!! How are you doing??? Let’s see if you guess it by your own. Summary Feifei and Finn are going to present a program – but before they begin, Feifei wants Finn to pass her the… thingy. What does she mean? Listen to the program to find out. Transcript Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript. Feifei Hello Finn. Looking forward to...

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Don’t goof around! – “Hot Potato”

Postado em março 5, 2016 em Blog | 0 comentários

Hello everyone!!! How are you doing??? What comes on your mind when you hear “Hot Potato”. I bet you think about a delicious meal with hot potato, cheese and bacon. Or the known Brasilian game. Well, this expression has nothing to do with the mentioned things above. To find out what it means. Listen to the conversation below.   Neil Hello and welcome to...

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