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Don’t Goof Around! – comparing pears

Postado em setembro 5, 2014 em Blog | 0 comentários

DON’T GOOF AROUND! Use English in your favor! So guys, Hi. Today we are going to talk about the english language, including the vocabulary as well. Soul, yew know every word in English? What about confusing pears?       Which word should I use?                                              Which word should I write? or is...

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Don’t Goofy Around! Conjunctions

Postado em setembro 3, 2014 em Blog | 0 comentários

DON’T GOOF AROUND! Use English in your favor. Hey folks, what’s up? In the English grammar we have some difficulties when talking about “conjunctions”. It’s a little hard to find which conjunction we have to use. But first,… do you know what is a conjunction? It is a word that joins words, or groups of words.The two stars among conjunctions are and and but. But there are also yet, for, so, or, either, because. And how would be...

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Don’t Goof Around! – Plural nouns

Postado em julho 31, 2014 em Blog | 0 comentários

Don’t Goof Around! Use English in your favor!   Hi, this is one more class we are going to have.Today we’ll talk about how to make plural nouns. Sometimes we confuse words and their plural spelling. So let’s check some doubts. We usually use a lot of words in plural, but most of the time they are regular plural. And if you think plural is just a piece of cake, let’s see some troublemakers around here: If we have: house –...

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