DON’T GOOF AROUND!goofy-pears
Use English in your favor!

So guys, Hi. Today we are going to talk about the english language, including the vocabulary as well.

Soul, yew know every word in English?

What about confusing pears?




Which word should I use?                                              Which word should I write?
or is it                                                                                             or is it
Which word should I yews?                                           Which word should I right?
or is it                                                                                           or is it
Which word should I you’s?                                          Which word should I rite?


It may knot seam fare, but their are dozens of confusing pears (and trios) of words in the English language, and writers often fowl up when using them. It happens all the thyme: we use won word when we mean another. We make word errors day and Knight! Eye will give yew a peace of advice:reed your work carefully and bee alert four these smeaky critters, Goodness nose, I’d be embarrassed if I rote a paper with two many goofs! Aye no ewe wood bee two, sew hears sum aide from mi too yew.




Knot – not
Their – there
Thyme – time
Eye – I
reed – read
nose – knows
aye – I
wood – would
sew – so
aide – aid
yew – you
Seam – seem
Pears – pairs
won – one
bee – be
rote – wrote
no – know
hears – here’s
mi – me
fare – fair
Fowl – foul
Knight – night
peace – piece
four – for
two – too
ewe – you
sum – some
too – to


Do you know when to use a word and when to use the other?
Don’t worry, even the teachers often get confused. That’s why the teacher’s favorite book is the dictionary.
Read this list, but don’t try to memorize the words, only enjoy the fun of two words masquerading as each other;
Remember that words often completely change meanings by changing only a letter or two.


Frequently Mixed-Up Words


Accept – except
advice – advise
alter – altar
assure – ensure – insure
bait – bate
born – borne
breath – breathe
clinch – clench
compliment – complement
confident – confidant
emigrate – immigrate
eminent – imminent
envelope – envelop
forward – foreword
human – humane
hurdle – hurtle
intense – intensive
later – latter
moral – morale
personal – personnel
prophecy – prophesy
stationery – stationary
track – tract
yea – yea