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Don’t Goof Around – It won’t wash

Postado em maio 5, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

Here we are with a new and fresh idiom! Have fun!   Summary When an idea is unconvincing and won’t work, why do you need washing powder?! The answer is you don’t – but there is a washing-related phrase you can use. But Feifei has still brought some to the studio for this programme. Will she need it? Listen to The English We Speak to find...

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Don’t Goof Around – Brass Neck

Postado em março 9, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

How are you??  Here we are once more with an amazing expression for us to explore. Let’s see what this one means… Summary If you have a neck made of brass how does it make you behave? Feifei discovers an expression about being confident that shouldn’t be taken literally! Transcript Feifei Hello I’m Feifei and this is The English...

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Don’t Goof Around – Frenemy

Postado em fevereiro 9, 2017 em Blog | 0 comentários

People!! Here we come with something new to learn. Hope you all enjoy this “expression”.   Summary Do you have a false friend? In The English We Speak we get to hear how one of Feifei’s best friends isn’t a friend at all and discover that there’s a great word to describe them. Transcript   Feifei Hello, welcome to The...

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Don’t Goof Around – The University of life

Postado em setembro 6, 2016 em Blog | 0 comentários

Summary Feifei is stressed about her exams so Rob has some words of wisdom for her. Apparently he learnt them at a university that Feifei has never heard of. Find out where this University of Life is and what you can learn there. Transcript Rob Hello welcome to The English We Speak from BBC Learning English. I’m Rob. Feifei Oh hello…I’m...

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Don’t Goof Around! – Barefaced

Postado em agosto 15, 2016 em Blog | 0 comentários

Yay! So nice to have something new to learn, don’t you like it?? Well, here comes one more of those expressions we love… Enjoy! Summary Rob’s making some bold claims that Feifei can’t taking seriously. Has he really got some good news or is he just telling outrageous lies? Luckily Feifei has a phrase that can describe his actions. Learn...

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Don’t Goof Around! – Drama Queen

Postado em julho 13, 2016 em Blog | 0 comentários

Woow!! New post!!! How are you guys??? Well, today we have a new expression on Don’t Goof Around! Let’s together see what’s the meaning of this new one. Summary Feifei is in the studio and Callum is nowhere to be seen. The clock is ticking. Where is he? There he is, with a shopping bag. Oh dear, he’s been shopping without a care in the world. Feifei is very angry but… will her anger last? Listen to the programme to find...

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